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World Listening Day is on July 18th, in honor of  R. Murray Schafer's birthday.

The Pacific Forum for Acoustic Ecology / Sound Archives is hosting an
event/activity next Monday, 7/18 2022 for World Listening Day:

We'll be meeting at Foothills Park just outside of Palo Alto to explore
the naturally resonant acoustics of Boronda Lake - sound reflects off
both the water and the ridge behind it.

Everyone is encouraged to bring musical instruments and/or other sound
makers to interact with the space. For example, I have a small flute
that I use to project sounds across the water to "activate" the

Participation is free and all are welcome for what promises to be a fun
and relaxing occasion centered around listening to the natural sounds at
the park and creating some of our own.

Who: PFAE/SA + You!
What: World Listening Day Event
When: Monday, 7/18 - 6pm-sunset
Where: Foothills Park, Boronda Lake:
Why: Why not?

Please let us know if you plan to join so we know who to expect.

Best wishes,


In celebration of World Listening Day 2021, the Pacific Forum for Acoustic Ecology invited your participation for our inaugural live stream of soundscape collages. On Sunday, July 18 from 12 pm PDT to 12 am PDT, we broadcast a continuous stream of recordings that will developed into a responsive real-time piece. Between July 12th and 16th, participants received instructions for listening and recording sounds. They were free to act upon any of the prompts of the most interest you After each activity, recordings were sent to us to be mixed and broadcasted into the soundscape collage.

Have a project in mind?

We are always looking for ideas & collaborators!