PFAE Radio

Sunday, July 18th was our inaugural World Listening Day broadcast
'The Unquiet Earth' 2021
12pm-12am Pacific Time

In celebration of World Listening Day, the Pacific Forum for Acoustic Ecology invited  participants to contribute recordings of  soundscapes through a series of listening prompts. An archived recording will be posted shortly.

Participants in PFAE's first
World Listening Day Broadcast:

Ron Arps
Courtlin Byrd
Kellie Bournhoft
Anne Bourne
Mike Bullock
Alex Chechile
Brian Cook
Jeannette O
Cathleen Grado
Kah Hoe
Lia Bear Kim
Robert Cole Rizzi
Mark Sciuchetti
Bonnie Kwong
Nature Sounds Society
Nick Virzi

Many thanks to all our participants who submitted recordings over the past week!
For more World Listening Day Events and Activities, visit the World Listening Project Website!
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Artists bios and notes:

Anne Bourne composer and artist improvises sonically with parallel streams of cello and voice, piano, electronic enhancement, and field recordings. Anne creates audio visual shorts expressing new trajectories of unbound social justice and the harmonic resolution of difference, where water meets land and air meets water. Anne is interested in equity, environmental evolution and climate peace.
Kellie Bornhoft’s (she/her) practice seeks tangible and poetic narratives needed in an ever-warming climate. Bornhoft utilizes sculpture, installation and video to delve into the whelms and quotidian experiences of our precarious times. Scientific data and news headlines do plenty to evince the state of our warming planet, but the abject realities of such facts are hard to possess. Through geological and more-than-human lenses, Bornhoft sifts through shallow dichotomies (such as natural/unnatural, here/there, or animate/inanimate.) Bornhoft is currently working in the Bay Area of California. She holds a MFA in Sculpture + Expanded Media from Ohio State University and a BFA from Watkins College of Art and Design. Bornhoft’s work has exhibited internationally in museums, galleries and film festivals such as the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, North Carolina, Kulturanker in Magdeburg, Germany, and the Athens International Film and Video Festival. Bornhoft’s work has been reviewed in many publications including Frieze Magazine, Burnaway, INDYweek and ArtsATL.
Courtlin Byrd is a filmmaker, media artist, and musician. Frequently working with Max/MSP, she creates performance systems of chance and control. She is a PhD student at the University at Buffalo, co-founder of the Ecopetics Workshop in Sottochiesa, Italy, and co-runner of Mono D Studios.
Alex Chechile is an artist and composer whose work develops in parallel with research in neuroscience, psychoacoustics, and the biomechanics of hearing.  His electroacoustic compositions and installations bring transparency to otherwise invisible processes in biology and technology. Chechile holds a PhD from Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), an MFA in Electronic Art from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a BA in Music from Tufts University.  He studied with Chris Chafe, Jonathan Berger, Paul DeMarinis, Gerald Popelka, Brian Ferneyhough, Pauline Oliveros, Maryanne Amacher, Curtis Bahn, and John McDonald.
Yii Kah Hoe is a Malaysian composer and music improviser. Yii has been recognized as one of the major voices among Southeast Asian composers of his generation. His music has been widely performed in Asia, America, and Europe. He was the president of Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers (2014 – 2016) and a senior lecturer at SEGi College Subang Jaya, since 2000.
Cathleen Grado is an interdisciplinary artist whose work addresses sound, memory and absence/presence in real and imagined spaces.
Her work uses in-person field recordings and remote acoustic monitoring to inform the composition of spatial installations and virtual sound environments. She holds a B.F.A in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and an M.F.A in Media Study from the University at Buffalo SUNY.
Bonnie Wai-Lee Kwong is a poet, multidisciplinary artist, engineer, and mother of two children.  Her work in poetry and fiction has garnered six Pushcart nominations, and appeared in journals such as The California Quarterly, The Columbia Review, Crab Orchard Review, The Pedestal, Nimrod, and Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art.  Her first book of poetry, ravel, was a finalist for prizes by White Pine Press and New Rivers Press.  Liriope, her first play, was staged at Stanford University's Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.  Her second play, There's No Stopping to My Thoughts, was staged at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center with a grant from the California Arts Council (CAC).
"Brian Cook captured this haunting Wood Thrush melody from the window of his Berkshire, Massachusetts home. The Wood Thrush is a rapidly declining species that is threatened by the destruction of woodland and acid rain's depletion of its invertebrate prey."
Mark Sciuchetti: I am a cultural geographer and musicologist, interested in sound studies, cultural geography, musical descriptions of the landscape and geo-humanities. My dissertation research explored soundscapes on the Hudson River, New York, USA and the affectual capacity of sound to create and (re)create place and identity.
Robert Cole Rizzi born in Brooklyn 1965 resides in Denmark with his family, where he works as a sound artist with a special interest in site specific pieces and field recordings - MA Electronic Music Composition from DIEM, Aarhus DK. Teaches electronic music and sound art at the Danish Academy of Music.
Notes: Several tracks recorded around the house I rented for a week in July 2021 on the west coast of Denmark. I met the stag two days in a row, once right beside my car. The bee's were hanging out in a spruce tree - also next to my car and the stag. The surf is present on most of my recordings, as the wind carried the sound over the dunes.The helicopters flew over several times every day, bringing people and supplies to the oil rigs in the Northsea. The area is in general very quiet - I like that!
Nick Virzi is a composer whose work explores the mystical nature of music through imagistic representation, orchestration of complex numerical systems, and use of original natural sound recordings. In addition to composing, Nick is a field recording artist, electric guitarist, conductor, researcher, and educator. Dr. Virzi is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Music and H&S Dean’s Fellow at Stanford University. His research is based at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics(CCRMA) and Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. He completed his D.M.A. in Music Composition at Stanford University, where he studied with Mark Applebaum and Brian Ferneyhough.